Budgets of local self-government units in Podlaskie Voivodship in 2022

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Date of publication: 31.10.2023

The publication contains a wide set of data on budget revenue, expenditure, and financial results of gminas, powiats, cities with powiat status as well as the voivodship budget. The publication has been prepared in an electronic format and tables have been presented in an XLSX format so as to make it possible to easily do calculations and prepare analyses by the Reader himself. The elaboration consists of analytical and table parts. The analytical commentary contains the description of the financial situation of local government units of the voivodship with charts to illustrate the situation in a better way. The tables present budgets, their structure, and differences between them stemming from the differences of the tasks carried out by local government units at different levels. Data presented in the publication concern local government units from Podlaskie Voivodship whereas certain information and indices have been presented against the background of the country. Data presented in the publication concern 2022 but to provide a more complete view of public finances in the region, basic information has been presented together with the results from 2005–2021.

By: voivodship, powiats, gminas