Size, demographic and social structure of the population in Podlaskie Voivodship in the light of the 2021 Census results

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Date of publication: 31.01.2024

The presented publication is a thematic study on the state and demographic situation of the population, supplemented with social characteristics in terms of country of birth and citizenship, national-ethnic and religious affiliation, language used at home, educational level and disability. Moreover, it characterizes persons living in the collective living quarters and migration of population. The data included in the study concern the voivodship in general, and some of them also concern powiats and gminas. More important voivodship data were presented against the background of the country. To illustrate the scale and directions of changes that took place in the region in the last inter-census period, the results of the 2021 Census were compared with the data obtained from the census conducted in 2011.